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Organisations with purpose

Ben and Nick have many years’ experience working with charities and not-for-profit organisations who strive to maximise their positive impact. Our work encompasses strategic planning, marketing and branding, innovation and enterprise.
Develop your strategy

Many third-sector organisations have a plan but fewer have a deliverable strategy. Especially one that's been thought through, is backed by evidence, independently critiqued, written down, contains clear goals and measures, and is regularly reviewed and challenged.
Working with Adnovar to develop the right strategy and a clear direction for your organisation will mean you feel more in control and can move beyond surviving to thriving.  The strategy you develop with us will tackle your current challenges and make the most of your opportunities. Each strategy is unique but typically we’ll focus on a combination on vision and values, beneficiary/member outcomes, key objectives and themes, marketing, service innovation, finances, people and culture.

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Marketing, branding and engagement

Marketing and your brand are what connects you with your key audiences. It should communicate who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for/with your audience. It needs to be a template for action; what you do and deliver is just as important as what you say.

We have developed marketing and branding strategies and supported marketing planning. We have led rebrands covering everything from key messages, logos and visuals to tone of voice. We have written and designed public reports for use in policy, advocacy and campaigning.

User-centred Service innovation

One of the hardest things for many organisations is genuinely trying to innovate. We don’t mean change for the sake of change but change driven by need and demand. Translating the top-level aspiration into practical deliverable action can be challenging.


We have helped many organisations develop new products and services using a user-centred design thinking approach. Our support covers evidence gathering, innovation sessions, design and prototyping, and user-testing. Our approach covers products as well as service design.

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