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Join the Adnovar Base Camp - Why we're offering a £1,000 grant and free support to small businesses

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Ben and I met recently for an all too rare face-to-face catch up to discuss the businesses we’re working with and we spent some time talking about business hubs and start-up spaces and how accessible they are. Many seem to be aimed at supporting start-ups who are on a mission to raise funding, go for rapid growth and become the next “big thing”; quite a few are city-based, tech focused or linked to a particular institution.

We wondered where the place is for those entrepreneurs who are running a smaller scale business that will support them to grow organically, have a positive impact and make a profit?

We couldn’t readily think of that place so we decided to create that our own base camp and put some of our money and time to support young businesses that would benefit from a no-strings £1000 grant and six months’ of our support.

Our programme is open to businesses that are already trading, however modestly, and operate in any sector with the only proviso is that you share our values. Our values are pretty simple; run your business ethically, aspire to have a positive impact on the world we live in, and don’t sacrifice personal happiness for work.

The base camp is designed to give you the support and resources to step out confidently on the next part of your business adventure. You can find out more at

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