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The Glasses Man story: from "a bit of extra cash to a full-time income"

At the beginning of 2020, Mark was working in nursing homes providing optical services to residents on a self-employed basis. In April, as COVID 19 forced us into a national lockdown, Mark's income disappeared overnight. Ever the entrepreneur, Mark decided to take the knock-back as opportunity to try and make a real go of his side-business 'The Glasses Man'. Up until this point, selling to family, friends and friends of friends had been earning Mark a bit of extra 'weekend cash', but it was now time to professionalise and scale.

In Mark's own words, here's how I was able to help...

"Thank You Adnovar...

In the last 3 months...

  1. My business now has a fully functioning E-commerce website

  2. I have a much more professional Facebook page The Glasses Man.

  3. I have professional advertising campaigns and a well thought out business plan.

  4. My local sales have increased.

Ben is so easy to work with, either in person or on Zoom, nothing is too much trouble and he is extremely helpful and skilled. I am very excited to see how my business will continue to grow, and I am extremely grateful to Ben for what he has done for my business. I am looking forward to continuing working with him.

I fully recommend Ben and his business Adnovar, Ben will work with brand new business ideas, currently struggling businesses, or help grow existing businesses. If this is something you are interested in, please email "

Check out Mark's brand new e-commerce website too at

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