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I started my business when I was made redundant, is it time to start yours?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In 2011 I was made redundant. Unemployment was rising in the UK and was about to hit the highest levels since the early 90s. I didn’t apply for a single job. Instead, I launched myself into a terrifying, but ultimately incredibly rewarding, new business adventure with my business partner Nick. I co-founded my first business Alterline, which a decade later continues to be a source of pride, income for my family and route to having a small but important positive impact on the world.

Whilst the current economic situation and the impact of COVID feels far deeper and more profound, some of the key ingredients which helped me and Nick to find a way forward with Alterline ten years ago are here again now. We are experiencing a time of unprecedented change. The last few months has made us all question the things we have taken for granted, both in business and in our personal lives. The part that feels so overwhelming at times is that these changes seem to cut across every aspect of society and our lives. For those familiar with ‘ye olde’ PESTLE – wow, existing analysis has been thrown out the window with this one.

These changes continue to bring huge challenges but I also believe, with right will, there is a real opportunity to improve many aspects of our lives and strive for a better world. There are many ways to be part of bringing about change; political engagement, support for the third sector, acts of support and kindness with friends and family. For those of us who run (or want to run) our own businesses there are important opportunities to be part of this change too – providing products and services that make people’s lives better (for example in health, wellbeing, the environment, education and learning); by connecting people or by bringing joy; creating jobs for people in our communities; and finding freedom, independence and satisfaction in our own working lives.

The world is more receptive than ever to doing things differently with new products and services connecting people and solving problems in ways previously unimagined. If you have the seeds of a great business idea, or a side business that you know has potential, I believe right now is the perfect time to make a go of your own business.

That’s why Nick and I have started Adnovar, to share all the things we’ve learned, help others achieve their business ambitions and change their world for the better. I would love to help you take the first steps on your business adventure. It all starts with a (virtual) coffee, let’s schedule a time to chat?



You can contact me at

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