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Life’s too short to feel trapped and frustrated. Regular coaching sessions will help you achieve your business ambitions, stay motivated, and enjoy your business adventure.

Life is too short for Cumbria's business owners to feel trapped and frustrated. Regular sessions with an Adnovar business coach in Carlisle will help you achieve your business ambitions.

Why Work With a Small Business Coach?

As your business coach, Ben will help you make rapid progress and overcome the barriers holding you back. Our business coaching program helps you find the clarity and confidence you need to thrive.

Business support that can help you:

  • Be clear about the future of your business, make a plan and stay focused

  • Create a marketing strategy to attract new customers

  • Grow your team and create the culture needed for your business to thrive

  • Develop systems and processes that help your business become more efficient and run more independently of you

  • Get to grips with your finances and boost your profit

  • Build your skills, confidence and motivation to grow your business

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How do business coaching services work for you?

When you get a business coach through Adnovar, we will regularly meet to map out the future. We'll collaborate to build a plan for your business and work on getting past what's holding you back. We charge a monthly fee depending on how often you want to meet and how long we spend together.


Working with a personal business coach involves regularly sitting down with someone who will listen to you. We'll help you to untangle your thoughts, and work out what’s holding you and your business back.


You'll develop a plan, and help you focus on what matters for your business. We’ll also hold you accountable so that you take action and make the necessary changes.


As a small business owner, the success of your business relies on you. Alongside a plan for your business to grow, we'll also work on the things holding you back. Our one to one business coaching helps you develop the skills, confidence and motivation you need to thrive. 



Why work with BEN HICKMAN?

Ben is an executive business coach, working with small business owners, to help them achieve their ambitions and change their world. He draws on his experience of building a small business, and know the highs and lows of the life of a small business owner.

Ben has the expertise to help you with running a business. Ben covers all areas of your business processes:


  • growth planning,

  • marketing strategy,

  • team development,

  • creating the right culture,

  • cash flow and profit

  • and all of the day-to-day challenges small businesses bring! 

Ben is also a trained business coach with a Level 7 (Masters level) qualification in business coaching from the Inistitute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
Ben approaches work (and life) with enthusiasm, passion and a sense of adventure. He knows first-hand the realities of running a small business. His clients describe him as relaxed and friendly, and welcome the fact that he can gently push them out of their comfort zone. This is crucial for business owners to make the changes they know are needed.

Ben is based in Carlisle in Cumbria and work with clients across the North West (Cumbria, Manchester and Lancashire). Ben can also work virtually with clients around the UK.

Ben is a keen runner and can be found travelling the roads and trails of Cumbria. He spends the rest of his time cooking, exploring, playing, or adventuring with my wife and three young children.

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Benefits of Coaching outdoors

As well as working in more traditional office environments, Ben also works with clients outdoors. Discover the many benefits to getting outside for some or all our sessions, including:

  • Recharge - We all know intuitively that getting outdoors and into the natural world improves our physical and mental health. Hard evidence is growing to back up this intuition.

  • Be at ease -  Walking and talking alongside someone creates a totally different experience. It's an experience that can feel more relaxed and allow you to open up. The result is often conversations that evolve in a different way.

  • Discover - Opening ourselves up to new sensations, experiencing different environments, and the act of walking itself can all help increase our creativity.

working with BEN outdoors

There are two ways we can work together outdoors:

  1. As part of a 6-month block of coaching sessions, we can take one of the sessions outside and into the hills or forest

  2. You can book a block of four outdoor coaching sessions where we spend all of the sessions outside.

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what do My clients say?

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 Ben gently pushed us out of our comfort zone to help us focus on the current and future aspects of our business which we were floundering on. We’ve come away from it feeling re-energised about what we do and why we do it. He's super friendly and very insightful and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for business direction and inspiration.

— Jo Shaw, Owner

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We have been working with Ben for the past few months, and it has been amazing. Our mentor has helped us to become more confident in ourselves and our abilities. He's a great strategic thinker and has been helping us to put processes in place so that we can meet our long-term objectives. He has actively helped us to come out of our comfort zone and we're looking forward to achieving bigger and better things with his help and guidance.

— Mona Cohan Owner

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