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Our commitment to positive impact

We believe that running your business should be liberating and life enhancing but should also be done in such a way that what you do has a positive impact others. Whilst numbers and money are important, we believe ultimate satisfaction comes from running a successful business that provides personal fulfilment and has a positive impact on the world.

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Our social impact

Through the Adnovar Base Camp Grant we actively invest our time, energy and profits back into small businesses who share our passion for positive impact.

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 social impact and your business

We believe that positive social impact and business success go hand in hand. Find out about the benefits of social impact for your business. 

Why social impact and business success go hand in hand

We believe that a 'business as usual' approach to social and environmental concerns is no longer an option. Business can be a powerful force for life and social change and as business owners we have a duty to leave the world a better place. 

We also believe that having a focus on positive impact brings significant benefits to your business. We can help you think about your social impact and align it with your commercial strategy.

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Benefits of social impact for your business

Recruit and retain top talent

Build trust and credibility with customers

Stay ahead of legislation like the Social Value Act

Engage positively with your local communities

Open up opportunities for funding and investment

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